5″ Aberfoyle Ash

Custom Stained grey with taupe undertones, wire brushed


3.25″ Amberly Ash, Prime

Custom Stained traditional brown, wirebrushed

$4.25/ft2  On Sale $3.99/ft2!!!

5″ Aurora Ash

Custom stained dark brown/black, with pewter undertones, wire brushed.


4″ Ashburn Ash

Custom Stained brown with grey undertones, wire brushed


4.25″ Woodstock White Oak

Natural finish, low gloss


4″ Hazeldean Hickory

Custom stained dark chocolate brown,  wire brushed, low gloss.


4.25″ Harrington Hickory

Custom Stained Cinnamon brown, wire brushed, low gloss.


4.25″ Wingham Walnut

Custom Stained deep heart colour, low gloss


5″ Wingham Walnut

Custom stained deep heart colour, low gloss.


7″ Wingham Walnut, ENGINEERED

4.5mm wear layer, Hardwood backing, Custom Stained rich brown, low gloss


7″ Wheatley White Oak, ENGINEERED

4.5mm wear layer, Hardwood Backing, low gloss, wire brushed, natural finish


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