All of our wood flooring species can be purchased in an unfinished form.

Unfinished flooring refers to flooring that requires sanding and finishing on site after installation is complete. This type of solid hardwood flooring is typically 3/4″ in thickness, tongue and grooved with end-matching, and available widths range from 2-1/4″ to 5″ wide. Call for pricing and availability.

APPLICATION: This type of flooring must be stapled or nailed over an approved plywood sub-floor and must be installed on or above grade (1st floor or second floor, no basement).

Engineered flooring can be made unfinished as well and is suitable for installation on below grade.

Prefinished vs Unfinished Flooring


This product must be job site finished. This can be a very dusty experience unless a dust containment system is used. Job site sanding and finishing can take several days to over a week according to square footage, stains, and number of coats of top finish. This process needs to be done after ALL other trades have completed their work, allowing enough time to complete the job such that finishes can cure properly. Maintaining these finishes is very important in providing a long life for your hardwood floor products. Traditionally, three coats of finish are applied with sanding done between each coat.


We send our lumber out for a seven coat oven baked finish. Our finish is an extremely high quality finish, helping maintain the beauty of your floor for many years. This finish can be in any stain you choose. These new tough factory finishes are one of the main reasons for making this type of hardwood floor product so popular with home owners, builders and professional layers. Another reason is the ease and timeliness of installation. No dusty sanding procedures and you can walk on the floor as soon as it is laid.

“Whether you choose pre-finished or un-finished our flooring continues to set the industry standard for being a great product, priding ourselves with long length boards, great quality lumber and amazing customer service.”

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