Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t Black Bear carry hand scraped flooring?

Handscraped wood flooring seems to be the style now like bleached floors were 10 years ago. Then as time passed, you now see no pre-finished bleached floors available. Let me add to this:

  • If you have animals and high traffic, the high edges of the wood will wear out the fastest and the dog will also get it’s traction from that.
  • When time to refinish, this may cost more because the finishers will have to sand all the high edges off to get to the lower wood. This may leave you with a flat smooth look. I’m sure there are other way to do this, but you may be digging deeper into your pocket.
  • Also, stay away from dark colors. Dark colors seem to show the wear and tear much sooner. Natural colored wood in any species would be the best choice for long term maintenance.
  • If you proceed with the handscraped look, try to stay with the solid 3/4″ thick material. You don’t want to run across a refinishing problem with a hand scraped product.

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