Color: Hickory heartwood is tan or reddish; sapwood is white to cream, with fine brown lines.

Grain: Hickory is closed, with moderate definition; somewhat rough-textured.

Variations: In hickory there are often pronounced differentiations in color between spring wood and summer wood.


Sawing/Machining: Hickory’s density makes it difficult to machine and work with hand tools.

Sanding: Difficult to sand because of density, and because light color makes sander markers show more than on darker woods.

Nailing: Has a tendency to split the tongues.

Finishing: May be difficult to stain

Comments Origin: North America


Hardness/Janka: 1820; (41% harder than Northern red oak).

Dimensional Stability: average (8.9; 3% less stable than Northern red oak).

Durability: Extremely dense and durable, High shock absorption.

Availability: Readily available.

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