Why Hardwood?

How do you protect your hardwood floor?

Hardwood floors are magnificent, and if you’ve just had yours installed you’re probably concerned about protection. How do you keep them looking good? Cleaning is one of the best forms of protection, but there are other things to worry about too. Here are some tips:

  • Sweep or vacuum (with a soft bristle vacuum head) regularly to keep sand, dirt, and grime from accumulating (this can scratch the finish).
  • Use doormats outside every exterior door, and use rugs in high traffic areas of the house.
  • If you wear high-heel shoes, keep them in good condition. Worn or damaged heels can expose a metal tip that can scratch or dent your floors. (It is not recommended to wear heels on hardwood flooring.)
  • Keep the relative humidity in your home between %40-%50 year around (wood reacts to changes in humidity, and can shrink and warp). You can maintain your humidity at a fixed level by using a humidifier.
  • If possible, use rugs in front of windows where direct sunlight comes in. Prolonged exposure to intense light discolors wood (this is completely natural). It is most noticeable with light colored woods.
  • Use wood floor protector pads under furniture, especially chair and table legs, so they won’t scratch the floor when they’re moved.
  • If your floors have a urethane or polyurethane finish, use the manufacturer’s recommended no-wax cleaner.

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