Why Hardwood?

5 Tips to Help You Shop for Hardwood Floors

Shopping for hardwood flooring? There’s a lot to know….Here is a list of five tips to help educate you on hardwoods. This way, you’ll have a good idea what you want before you even step into the showroom.

1. Know the two kinds of genuine hardwood flooring — Hardwood floorboards come as either solid or engineered wood. Which you choose will affect how much you pay.
2. Laminates are not the same as hardwood flooring Laminates can look like hardwood, but they are not made from wood–at all. They are generally less desirable to potential homebuyers, but they are more affordable.
3. Hardwood flooring isn’t for every room in the house. Since wood is susceptible to water damage (it can rot, warp, etc.), it’s usually not recommended for bathrooms. Engineered boards can be installed on any floor, but solid wood boards (because they’re more susceptible to shrinking and expanding from moisture/temperature changes) aren’t usually used below ground level, such as in basements.
4. Species makes a big difference.¬†Depending on what tree is used, hardwood floors can vary a lot in color, grain patterns, and texture. Look at a lot of different species of wood when you’re shopping around. If possible, see the wood installed (or at least photographs of it in a room), rather than just looking at sample boards.
5. Save time with pre-finished hardwoods you can either buy pre-finished hardwoods or you can buy them unfinished, meaning they will be stained on site. The latter requires a lot more maintenance and frequent re-staining. Pre-finished boards are much less hassle in the long run.
* Also make sure to ask about board lengths, pre-finishing process and where the lumber came from. If a company is selling flooring at a price that seems too good to be true there is most certainly a defect or problem with the product. Be aware and educate yourself a little before spending your hard earned cash on something that will disappoint you.

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